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Late Ananta dash & Late Bhagabati Dash

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Village:- At/Po-Behera Dist Bargarh Orissa 

As I Know My Dada:-

His Profession was Farming ,although a few area of land he get through his father as inheritance  He managed to add few more area as his property .We all are now enjoying his property .Now around 50 Fifty person are getting food through that land through out the year is that not a big achievement? I am proud of him.

  • Made My Father as a successful Administrative Officer in Postal Department .
  • He has three sons
  1. Mr Arjuna Dash
  2. Mr Shribatsa Dash
  3. Mr Kunja Bihari Dash

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My Grand Father & Grand Maa

Late Ananta dash & Late Bhagabati Dash