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Orissa-BURLA(Achivement of Instrument )

Patient Treated During last Three Years

Year O.P.D. Indoor Death
1998-99 1,32,603 24,555 1,374
1999-00 2,02,080 35,487 1,389
2000-01 2,18,615 37,132 1,601

During the last three years a number of Equipments have been procured for the Investigation and treatment of the patients coming to this hospital as detailed below:-

  1. Boyles Apparatus-7Nos.s

  2. Pulse Oxymeter-4Nos

  3. Defibrillator Monitor-3Nos

  4. T.M.T.Machine

  5. Holter Monitor

  6. Semi Autoanalyser

  7. Speech Aidiometer and Hophins Telescope

  8. Ventilator

  9. Digital E.E.G.Machine

  10. Leyla Retractor

  11. Ultrasound scanner-Two

  12. Neonatal Resusciation Unit

  13. Respiratory ventillator

  14. Whole Body c.T.Scanner

  15. X-Ray machines-300M.A.,1000M.A.,and60M.A.

  16. C-Arm

  17. UpperG.I.Endoscope

    During the last three years there has been an increase in the attendance of patients both O.P.D.and I.P.D.due to availability of investigations facilities available out of procurment of the machines. The collection of user charges though not enough is still satisfactory .



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